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Great Games For March

Posted on March 23, 2015 at 7:24 pm

The Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC are getting some great releases this march. Here are some new releases to get your gaming sessions going.

Battlefield Hard-line takes the battlefield series to uncharted territory. With the introduction of a new ‘cops and robbers’ style of gameplay, there are some fresh and unique multiplayer battles to be had of which the shooter genre is not too accustomed to.

The legendary series, Final Fantasy returns with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Featuring a new 3rd person, real-time battle system, extraordinary summon abilities and a fantastic new story line. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD takes the series to new levels.

From the creators of Dark Souls, From Software comes Bloodborne. A spiritual sequel, Bloodborne takes place in a new setting to Dark Souls whilst maintaining the unique medieval horror vibe. The tight, risk versus reward, 3rd person combat is also intact, and with the addition of new weapons including guns, this is a game that is sure to make waves on release.

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Is There A Best Day To Watch A Movie?

Posted on March 11, 2015 at 2:42 pm

Watching a movie can be a bit of a mission sometimes. Maybe you have an insanely busy schedule, perhaps you are in just one of those moods and have the attention span of a flea right now.

Maybe there is a way to watch movies without them feeling like they are getting in the way of things. Perhaps it all comes down to when you want to watch the movie.

Scheduling a movie for a certain day of the week can be a great way to structure the days around it. You know you are going to be watching the film on that day, so it will encourage you to finish other tasks around it, this way you can fully enjoy watching it.

Maybe you’d like to watch the film with friends or housemates. Having a ‘movie day’ each week can be great as it will give everyone a set time that they can watch the movie together.


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