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EvE Online

Posted on April 11, 2015 at 3:59 pm

EvE Online is the niche game. No other game rewards its players in such a unique way, and pushes them in a way that only a game like EvE could do.

EvE Online is a hard-core, space, mmo. Set in the distant future, the story is a tragedy of a civilization divided by disaster on a cosmic scale.

While the epic story and lore is enthralling and very well written, it is the unique gameplay that has held its player base for over a decade now.

EvE is a game of trials. It challenges the player brutally, even if he or she is completely new to the game. Hosts of tutorials and a complex UI greet the new player on logging in, and from here on it is a long-haul to get going in the game.

Mmo Veterans know that when you first start off in a game like this there’s going to be things you need to learn, mmo’s are not pick-up and play shooters. But EvE is a trial by fire even from the first few minutes.

But with great strife there is great reward (risk = isk!!!). EvE promises these rewards and delivers, more so than almost any mmo. Massive fortunes can be accumulated, markets can be dominated, a life of pirating can be had and a glorious galactic war can be fought.

If you can handle the fire, then this kitchen lets you do anything you could imagine in a game.


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