Free PC Games for worldwide use

Posted on November 26, 2015 at 2:16 pm

With the advent of technology, gaming lovers can now enjoy loads of free computer games and can have a best time pass at their home. Earlier you had to go to the video game parlor and spend money on games. Many gaming enthusiasts you to send their entire pocket money at video game parlors, but not now. if you are looking free games, then you might be facing many difficulties because there are unlimited free computer games. The best way to know about the game before downloading it on your computers is to download demo versions. The demand for free games is huge and you will get them easily as well. however, many games also come with bugs. Make sure that you have an updated antivirus in your systems before you download free games. This is a common issue with free computer games. By getting free games you can also decide where you want to but it or not.

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Have fun while playing computer games for relaxing

Posted on October 1, 2015 at 8:40 am

Computer games in present generation have secured a significant place in people` s heart and all sections of individuals ranging from kids to adults all enjoy playing computer games. The computer games provide best time pass to especially kids who seldom go to play and suits best to them.

Here are some surprising benefits of playing computer games:

1. According to a recent study on a disease which mostly affects kids i.e. Dyslexia. Engaging in computer activities reduces the symptoms of dyslexia and improves their comprehensive skills.

2. A recent study has also revealed shocking result that playing computer games to a limited extent also improves the vision.

3. It also promotes imaginary skills and incites a target to a gamer.

4. Since the desire to achieve the target or finish the game is high on the gamer thus it also enhances his concentration power.

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Advantages of Game Based Learning

Posted on August 3, 2015 at 3:01 pm

Today students love to play games as it’s a part of their entertainment. In spite of the games being played at the school they even like to play the different video games that are available online and video games.

Games Provide Student Engagement and Involvement

Today games have become part of our daily routine life. It provides s sense of relaxation not only to the students, but even office going people love to play online games in their free time. Today online games are becoming more popular as people don’t have time for outdoor games. The little time that they get they prefer for online games. Even school going students doesn’t have much time after their school and tuitions and so even they go for video for the online games that gives them refreshment, relaxation and saves their time too. Any type of games is good for relaxation.

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Mobile Games: How big the marketplace is becoming

Posted on July 8, 2015 at 4:05 pm

Over a period of time, people have just loved the cutting edge technology of the gaming consoles, mainly dominated by the PS & the XBOX. But apart from this “gadget-frenzy” world of gaming consoles, there’s a group of people who simply love the handheld device gaming consoles, mainly the mobile phones and the tablets, and with the growing popularity of these devices, the gaming world has also expanded its sphere that now encompasses games ranging from the relatively simpler one’s like the chess and the cricket to the larger-than-life strategy games like the ARMA Tactics and the Clash of Clans.

This ever growing market has led to the establishment of once small time firms into full grown gaming company. In fact, the number of companies trying to grab a piece of this market is so high that it is expected to grow to a $25 Billion industry by 2016 end.

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Guidelines to set out when you’re reviewing a PC Game when working full time

Posted on May 15, 2015 at 8:34 am

– Review at least 1 game per month. (Guideline: 2 Reviews Per Month)

– Post at least 3 times per week.(News, etc) (Guideline: 5-6 Posts Per Week)

– Post at least 1 FULL editorial per week. (Why I love, etc) (Guideline 1-2 Post Per Week)

– Teamspeak 3 evenings. (Guideline twice a week)

I understand with News articles that it does in-fact change depending on the circumstance. Though, an average news piece, around 400 words takes me maximum 15 minutes to write up. It then takes a further 5 minutes to edit titles, add images, videos etc. 20 Minutes a day spare to write a news article is not much.

Not trying to sound too forceful, but a news article, per day, should be easily manageable. Some of us work full time jobs, I certainly do, and I contribute over 3 articles a day. Sure it’s not easy and I wouldn’t expect you to write that much per day, but we need to make sure that we keep up with the times. We can’t just take this on the “lax” and say, I’ll do that later and totally fob it off to the evening. It has to be there and then.

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