Cloud Services Becoming The Norm on Consoles?

Posted on August 14, 2016 at 8:36 pm

We have a weird feeling that Sony have started the beginning of the end of the future of the console with their game streaming service, PlayStation Now. This isn’t just a service Sony are offering, there’s plenty more on the market.

PlayStation Now streams PlayStation 3 games to a variety of streaming devices, but this had been meant with lukewarm reception by fans and critics alike. They say it is too expensive and most people in the PlayStation ecosystem, own a PlayStation 3 and own games so why would they want to rebuy their games?

Sony thought ahead of their current hardware sales and future-proofed itself by creating a game streaming service that could be their main business in the very near future. What have other platforms done with streaming services?

Microsoft has promoted the cloud services ever since the Xbox One launched, not for games though, but to do some graphical calculations to lighten the load on the Xbox One. CrackDown 3 uses the cloud to create in game destruction. Though it is not the same as game streaming, it has the basic concept of what could they do with cloud services right now.

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