Guidelines to set out when you’re reviewing a PC Game when working full time

Posted on May 15, 2015 at 8:34 am

– Review at least 1 game per month. (Guideline: 2 Reviews Per Month)

– Post at least 3 times per week.(News, etc) (Guideline: 5-6 Posts Per Week)

– Post at least 1 FULL editorial per week. (Why I love, etc) (Guideline 1-2 Post Per Week)

– Teamspeak 3 evenings. (Guideline twice a week)

I understand with News articles that it does in-fact change depending on the circumstance. Though, an average news piece, around 400 words takes me maximum 15 minutes to write up. It then takes a further 5 minutes to edit titles, add images, videos etc. 20 Minutes a day spare to write a news article is not much.

Not trying to sound too forceful, but a news article, per day, should be easily manageable. Some of us work full time jobs, I certainly do, and I contribute over 3 articles a day. Sure it’s not easy and I wouldn’t expect you to write that much per day, but we need to make sure that we keep up with the times. We can’t just take this on the “lax” and say, I’ll do that later and totally fob it off to the evening. It has to be there and then.

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