Mobile Games: How big the marketplace is becoming

Posted on July 8, 2015 at 4:05 pm

Over a period of time, people have just loved the cutting edge technology of the gaming consoles, mainly dominated by the PS & the XBOX. But apart from this “gadget-frenzy” world of gaming consoles, there’s a group of people who simply love the handheld device gaming consoles, mainly the mobile phones and the tablets, and with the growing popularity of these devices, the gaming world has also expanded its sphere that now encompasses games ranging from the relatively simpler one’s like the chess and the cricket to the larger-than-life strategy games like the ARMA Tactics and the Clash of Clans.

This ever growing market has led to the establishment of once small time firms into full grown gaming company. In fact, the number of companies trying to grab a piece of this market is so high that it is expected to grow to a $25 Billion industry by 2016 end.

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